Lao People's Democratic Republic - Technical Advisory Mission

Ministry of Science and Technology

The mission team conducted in-depth discussions with four ministers and three vice-ministers (Science and Technology, Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, Public Work and Transports, Health, Public Security, Education and Sports) and several other organisations (National Disaster Prevention and Control Committee, Natural Resources and Environment Institute, Natural Resources and Environment Data Center, Agriculture Statistics Center, Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Forest Resources Information Centre, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, National Geographic Department and Lao Decide Info. The mission team also visited the UN Resident Coordinators and officials of UN agencies involved in disaster risk reduction.

On the fourth day of the mission, the national workshop on “Improving Disaster Management and Emergency Response Using Space-based Information” was organized, which was inaugurated by the Vice Minister of Science and Technology and attended by about 60 participants.

The mission team provided briefing to the high level officials of the MOST and the MONRE on the fifth day of the mission. The participants have done in-depth observations of the current state of use of earth observation and geospatial information in Lao PDR by all stakeholders of disaster management, and understood the challenges and constraints the country is facing to make effective use of these technologies in disaster management. The report of the TAM, containing the assessment, recommendations and actions will be submitted to the Government within two months and UN-SPIDER, along with its partners, will engage with the Government of Lao PDR to facilitate implementation of these recommendations.

The mission team was comprised of nine experts from UN-SPIDER and other organizations, namely the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC), University of Georgia, Delta State University, United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, National Disaster Reduction Centre of China and International Water Management Institute.