Step by Step: Recommended Practice Drought monitoring using the Vegetation Condition Index (VCI)

The step-by-step procedure for drought monitoring using the Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) is available to follow using R-Studio, Python and ENVI. These methods were developed to give the user flexibility to choose which of the open source tools is more practical and convenient. The scripts available in R and Python derive the VCI from the Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) while the step-by-step instructions in ENVI (5.0) are based on the Normalized Differentiated Vegetation Index (NDVI). 

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Overview of available Step-by-Step instructions for Drought Monitoring using the Vegetation Condition Index (VCI):

SoftwareVCI based onCloud MaskPublishedAccess
ENVI (version 4.8)NDVINoDec 2014Link
ENVI (version 5.0)NDVINoDec 2014Link
RNDVINoJune 2015Link
REVIYesMay 2016Link
R (large areas)EVIYesSep 2018Link
PythonEVIYesFeb 2018Link

The related Recommended Practice on Drought Monitoring using the Standardized Vegetation Index (SVI) can be found here.