Sri Lanka - National Training Course

Floods and droughts are recurring events in Sri Lanka. To facilitate the generation of relevant and timely information for these hazards, UN-SPIDER has developed Recommended Practices on flood and drought mappings, which were the focus of this training. The training course supported the efforts conducted by the Disaster Management Centre in the areas of flood rapid mapping and drought early warning, and to contribute to the implementation of the Virtual Mapping Unit that the DMC is establishing as a way to conduct rapid mapping of areas affected by disasters triggered by different types of hazards.

Training workshop on the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal and the UN-SPIDER Recommended Practices on floods and droughts.

The training was conducted by experts from the Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka and UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER.

The training workshop brought together professional staff from the Disaster Management Centre,Ministry of Health, the Survey Department, the Census and Statistics Department, the National Aquatic Resources Agency, the University of Colombo, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lankan Army. Navy and Air Force, the Mahaweli Authority, the Coast Conservation Department, and the Arthur C. Clarke Centre for Modern Technology.

The three-day training workshop covered different sections of the Portal and included an in-depth training on the Recommended Practices developed for floods and droughts.