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On Monday 20 October 2014, the Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre (RJGC) signed a cooperative agreement with two Korean companies for the provision of technical support in areas such as remote sensing, GIS and cadastrial science.

RJGC's Director General and the Korean companies' chiefs emphasized the advantages of such cooperation in matters of development, disaster early-warning and technology. Moreover, the parties decided to locate permanent stations for satellite navigation systems in Jordan, in order to improve the efficiency of space-based information and cadastral activities.

Publishing date 21/10/2014

On 10 January 2013 the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" was activated for floods in Israel to provide satellite imagery and derived maps. UN-SPIDER/UNOOSA requested the activation on behalf of UNOCHA, Pt Jerusalem Office. The National Space Organization (NSPO) already provided a Formosat2 image taken on 12 January 2013 over Palestine. The Imagery was processed by the FCU (Feng Chia University) GIS team.

After heavy rains, a deadly snow storm had hit parts of Israel, Palestine and Jordan causing power outages, structural and agricultural damage and loss of human lives. Since Thursday, 10 January, at least 4inches (10cm) of snow have fallen in Jordan. Thousands of people are living in refugee camps due to freezing weather conditions.

Reportedly, two fatalities occurred in Lebanon during a flash flood. At least 46 people have been injured in road accidents across...

Publishing date 14/01/2013
The city of Amman in Jordan will host UNOOSA’s fifth Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education. The Centre will offer new research and application programmes for university educators and scientists in the fields of space-based remote sensing, satellite communications, satellite meteorology and space sciences.
This initiative was described by Ms. Mazlan Othman, UNOOSA Director, as “another landmark in the development of the UN Programme on Space Applications that was mandated to promote the use of space technology for peaceful purposes, in support of national, regional and global development”.
The Centre officially opened today and was inaugurated under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II at the Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre, where it is located. It will join the existing network of four regional centres, respectively located in India, Morocco, Nigeria and Latin America (...
Publishing date 29/05/2012

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