ISA: Lessons learnt from drought in Iran

UN-SPIDER's Regional Support Office (RSO) in Iran, the Iranian Space Agency (ISA), has elaborated a booklet on lessons learnt from droughts in the country. This is the second booklet in the series of publications on experiences and best practices by UN-SPIDER's RSOs in the application of Space-based information in disaster risk reduction and emergency response.

The booklet "Effective use of Space-based information to monitor disasters and its impacts: Lessons Learnt from Drought in Iran" describes ISA's experience in utilizing satellite data for droughts in Iran, such as NOAA-AVHRR, Aqua/Terra-MODIS, Landsat, SPOT or  IRS data. This booklet tackled the use of Earth observation for the full disaster management cycle including drought modeling and prediction, drought assessment, vulnerability assessment, and crop damage assessment.