Viet Nam - National Training Course

UAV and Space Technology for Disaster Management

Experts from the following institutions conducted the training:

  • Delta State University
  • National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC)

Fifteen officials from disaster management agencies and stakeholder departments attended the training programme.

The aim of the training was to make participants conversant with use of multi-source Earth observation technology (including satellite and UAV, optical and radar data, remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), 3D modeling and other geospatial technology) in flood mapping. The training resulted in imparting skills to use Earth observation data obtained from space platforms and UAVs and use of microwave remote sensing in assessing impact of flood.

Following sessions (including hands on exercises) were offered during the training:

Session 1: Introduction on UAV and Space technology on Disaster Management

Session 2: Introduction the SOP and demonstrated in one disaster event in 2017

Session 3: Training on quick disaster assessment mapping (use optical satellite images)

Session 4: Training on rapid flood response mapping - flooding map (using radar data)

Session 5: Training on rapid flood response mapping - flooding map (using optical data)