Nigerian Space Agency signs MoU with Infoterra

A delegation of four executives of the Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) has recently visited INFOTERRA and signed a Memorandum of Understanding defining a roadmap for a close cooperation over the years to come.

Following two optical earth observation satellites, Nigeria is now considering a radar mission. SAR data will further enable NASRDA and other satellite data users in Nigeria, to over-come the limitations of optical sensors data, which are not suitable for Earth observation and monitoring of perennially cloud cover areas such as the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. The MOU signed by both NASRDA and INFOTERRA focuses on collaborations that will enhance NASRDA's ability to acquire SAR imageries on real-time and more cost effective. NASRDA is a UN-SPIDER regional support office.
(Source: NASRDA , Infoterra

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