GSDI12 WORLD CONFERENCE- Realising Spatially Enabled Societies

The theme for GSDI 12 was "Realizing Spatially Enabled Societies." The conference organizers set out to encourage collaboration to help create an enabling environment that enhances outcomes in societies, economies and the global environment. A peer-reviewed book on this topic was launched during the conference. It focuses on research, emerging trends and critical assessment and it showcases examples of spatial enablement serving societal needs. More than 100 countries are actively developing spatial data infrastructures, and with over 650 attendees who shared knowledge, attended workshops, traded experiences and listened to experts speak on a wide range of topics including technology, standards, and spatial law and policy. The UN Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacific (PCGIAP) held its 16th regional meeting and the International Geospatial Society, the new arm of the GSDI Association for individual members, held its inaugural meeting.

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