MODIS Hotspot Validation over Thailand

By thirze.hermans | Thu, 2 Jul 2015 - 10:46

To ensure remote sensing MODIS hotspot (also known as active fire products or hotspots) quality and precision in forest fire control and management in Thailand, an increased level of confidence is needed. Accuracy assessment of MODIS hotspots utilizing field survey data validation is described. A quantitative evaluation of MODIS hotspot products has been carried out since the 2007 forest fire season. The carefully chosen hotspots were scattered throughout the country and within the protected areas of the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Three areas were selected as test sites for validation guidelines. Both ground and aerial field surveys were also conducted in this study by the Forest Fire Control Division, National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conversation Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand. High accuracy of 91.84 %, 95.60% and 97.53% for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 fire seasons were observed, resulting in increased confidence in the use of MODIS hotspots for forest fire control and management in Thailand.

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Tanpipat, V., Honda, K., & Nuchaiya, P. (2009). MODIS hotspot validation over Thailand. Remote Sensing1(4), 1043-1054.

Veerachi Tanpipat, Kiyoshi Honda, and Prayoonyong Nuchaiya