World Space Week 2022 Webinar: Space Benefiting the Work of the United Nations

UNOOSA is organising a webinar series in context of the World Space Week 2022 (4-10 October).

On the webinar on the 5 October "Space Benefiting the Work of the United Nations", 10-11:30am, UN-SPIDER will join the webinar, giving a presentation and taking part in the panel discussion.

Find more information about the webinar series, and links to registration pages on the website of UNOOSA.

More information on the webinar on the 5 October "Space Benefiting the Work of the United Nations" (text by UNOOSA):

"We live in an era riddled with interconnected global crises and megatrends which are defining the course of action and progress toward a sustainable world. Climate change wreaks havoc, impacting the hardest those, who have contributed the least. Urbanization bolsters the demand for resources and carbon emissions. Inequalities are fuelling division, mistrust, and hardship.

The United Nations has played an integral part in sustainable development and continues to deliver on its promise of a better future for everyone, everywhere. As we celebrate the annual World Space Week themed 'Space and Sustainability', let us 1) Explore the value of space assets for the delivery of the UN mandates; 2) Provide an update about the latest SDG-related efforts using space assets; and 3) Discuss the space-related user-needs to take the implementation of SDGs to another level."