Regional Support Office Károly Róbert College wins national competition

UN-SPIDER’s Hungarian RSO, the Károly Róbert College, was the winner of the Hungarian national competition „Digital Hungarian Maps 2011”. Their wining database was set up to monitor the impacts of catastrophes on the environment, such as the 2010 Kolontar red mud catastrophe, the biggest environmental disaster in Hungary in recent years. The database contains laser scanned data and hyperspectral values for different objects.

Furthermore, delegates of the Károly Róbert College held a series of presentations at the University of Baia Mare in Romania. Prof. Tomor was talking about the applied scientific methods used for the management of catastrophes in Hungary in the last few years. His presentation showed how to take advantage of GIS and remote sensing technologies in the case of natural disasters. His presentation was very welcomed by the Romanian experts, as they face similar tasks in and after cases of emergency.