Károly Róbert University College establishes new Remote Sensing Laboratory

A scientific workshop about finishing the project “Establishment of an environmental monitoring and remote sensing laboratory at Károly Róbert University College” was held at the College at the end of 2012. This new laboratory provides an excellent opportunity for students to get information about the most recent Remote Sensing technologies and methods. Students working with these sensors (LIDAR, hyperspectral cameras, etc) will have an advantage when applying for higher quality jobs after finishing their studies over other applicants with similar qualifications. In addition, this laboratory extends the possibilities of scientific research and co-operation, too.

This laboratory is the only one in Hungary which has active and passive sensors and both software and hardware capacities for processing hundreds of gigabytes of data produced by these sensors. From 1st of January 2013, the laboratory operates at full capacity. The project was funded by the EU and the Hungarian Government.