San Diego forest fire: Mobile satellite antenna systems facilitate response

During the massive forest fire that started in San Diego on 6 June 2013, first responders and broadcasters were supported with full communications infrastructure by mobile satellite antenna systems, which have undoubtedly showed their value in the emergency response field. By enabling high bandwidth communications, compact satellite technology can support both first responders in emergency situations when forced to enter remote areas with limited connectivity; and broadcasters responsible of reporting and updating authorities about the progress of the firefighters on containing the fire.

Mobile satellite antenna systems are able to provide reliable, high-speed broadband services from virtually anywhere on the planet, constituting a low cost solution that can help to save lives and property in case of a disaster. This technology enables transmission of voice, video and data transfer by connecting with a satellite, offering the infrastructure required to get full communications capacity that can help first responders as well as broadcasters on the scene of an emergency situation.