Kenya Ministry of Health (MOH)

MOH logo. Image: MOH.

The functions of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Kenya include Health Policy, Sanitation Policy, Preventive and Promotive Health Services, HIV/AIDS Programme and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Treatment and Management, Health Education, Family Planning, Food and Food Handling, Health Inspection and other Public Health Services, Quarantine Administration, Overall Sanitary Services, Insanitary Nuisances, Curative Services, Clinics, Dispensaries, Health Centres and Hospitals, Registration of Doctors and Para Medicals, Maternity Services, Nurses and Midwives, National Hospital Insurance Fund, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya Medical Training College, Government Chemist, Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA), The Radiation Protection Board, Regulatory Bodies for Pharmacy and Medicine.