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Centre Royal de Télédétection Spatiale (CRTS)

Contact Person
Mr Driss El Hadani
Fax: +212 (37) 77 6300
Email: elhadani [at]
Address: Angle Avenue Sanawbar et Avenue Allal El Fassi,
Quartier Hay Riad Rabat,

About CRTS
Created by decree in December 1989, the ASIC has been mandated to promote the exploitation and development of remote sensing applications in Morocco. CRTS coordinates and carries out the national program in remote sensing in collaboration with government departments, private operators and Moroccan universities.

The ASIC is responsible for acquiring, archiving and dissemination of data and images , observation of the Earth, the project implementation and development of methodologies in remote sensing and geographic information systems and related fields. It also provides a program of Continuing Education in the field of space technology and participates in programs and research activities in partnership with national research institutions and foreign.