ASEAN workshop: Development of Mechanisms for Acquisition and Utilisation of space-based Information during Emergency Response


AHA Centre, Australian Aid and ESCAP

Tue, 15 Apr - Wed, 16 Apr 2014

This workshop aims at preparing standard operating procedure (SOP) for use of space based information during emergency response. The key objectives are as follows:

1. Identify requirements and criteria to respond to major disasters by taking effective advantage of international mechanisms that provide space-based informationduring emergencies

2. Leverage on UN and other initiatives for disasters that cannot be covered by international mechanisms (especially disasters at sub-national scale)

3. Strengthening preparedness for effective emergency response by identifying gaps, capacity building needs, database needs, financial needs, mapping procedures, institutional coordination and so on

4. Preparing rapid mapping products and its dissemination to the end users

The SOP should provide detailed steps on how to activate the international mechanisms like the International Charter Space and Major Disasters; Sentinel Asia; GMES-COPERNICUS-EMS etc., identify opportunities for bilateral collaborations, addressing smaller emergencies that are not supported by the Charter and Sentinel Asia, what are capacity building needs, database needs, financial needs, mapping procedures, institutional coordination and so on. The workshop outcomes should provide critical inputs to decisions makers in the ASEAN countries to plan short-term, medium-term and long-term policies to improve disaster risk management using space-based and geospatial information.

Financial Support

The organisers will be able to offer support to limited number of participants from the ASEAN member countries, especially one official from disaster management agency and one from the agency involved in using remote sensing and geographic information system for disaster risk reduction and/or emergency response. The support will defray the cost of travel (round-trip ticket – most economic fare – between the airport of international departure in their country of residence and Suva) and/or room and board expenses during the duration of the event.


Mr Shirish RAVAN


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