Risk-KAN Webinar: Improving warning systems through community action

Risk-KAN Webinar

Risk-KAN (Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extrem Events)

Wed, 29 Mar 2023

Early Warning Systems play a crucial role in decreasing the mortality rates triggered by disasters, and global monitoring systems, standards for a range of warning-related activities and alerts, agreements and partnerships support them. Nevertheless, despite numerous advances, hazards continue to trigger significant social and economic losses, particularly in developing countries, and the warnings are still often characterized by failure. Moreover, centralized systems can struggle with extremes, frequent events, and local priorities – this is hardly surprising as it is challenging for globally standardized procedures to account for local needs. 

The Risk-KAN Working Groups have examined the advantages of the centralized approach with local or community warning systems to promote a more inclusive and effective method to address the priorities and vulnerability. The webinars will illustrate different warning systems case studies, including some unresolved problems of individual protective action.

Speaker: Dr John Handmer, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and Australian National University (ANU)