Expert Meeting on Early Warning Systems: Final report now available

The report for the UN-SPIDER Expert Meeting on the use of space-based information for Early Warning Systems is now available. Having taken place from 24 to 26 June 2013, the meeting had brought together fifty two space technology and disaster management experts representing national, regional and international organizations, internationally active private companies and included representatives of UN-SPIDER Regional Support Offices in Bonn Germany.

The report outlines the outcomes of the meeting, including the results of the discussion breakout groups on which a great emphasis had been placed for this meeting. The participants had discussed ways in which space applications and geo-spatial information technologies can improve the functionality of early warning systems targeting a variety of hydrometeorological, geological and biological hazards. Several experts made presentations highlighting novel advances on the use of space applications in early warning systems and the discussion sessions focused on the four main elements of early warning systems: risk knowledge, monitoring and warning services, dissemination and communication, as well as response capability. The role of remote sensing, global navigation systems and geographic information systems in early warning applications was discussed.

Additionally to the final report, UN-SPIDER has also made available all presentations held during the Expert Meeting.