IGAC: First International Seminar on Remote Sensing

The Master's programme in Remote Sensing of the Catholic University of Manizales of Colombia and UN-SPIDER's Regional Support Office in Colombia, IGAC, will organize their first international seminar on remote sensing from 8 to 10 May 2014 on the premises of the Catholic University of Manizales.

The seminar is embedded in a strategy to streamline and promote this research area and further develop technologies to process and analyze remotely sensed data.

The seminar focuses on topics such as the application of remote sensing in risk management, specifically in the prevention of forest fires, erosion, deforestation and desertification, as well as in the context of land use and environmental management. This seminar will be carried out by institutions and instructors with extensive knowledge and international experience.

The seminar represents a great opportunity for the development of professionals and institutions on the national and international level, which are interested in strengthening their knowledge in remote sensing, and its usefulness in different applications that are of great interest for economic and social development of countries.