Romantis Provides Turnkey Satellite Telemedicine Network to All-Russian Center for Disaster Medicine

Romantis, a global provider of satellite capacity and satellite networking equipment, has announced the successful implementation of the state project on delivery of communication, management and interaction systems to connect the Regional Centers for Disaster Medicine (RCDM) of the Russian Federation with the unified national system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations.

In November 2011, Romantis won a tender of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation to supply satellite networking equipment and telemedicine systems including installation and commissioning services within the framework of the Federal Target Road Safety Programme for 2006-2012.

According to the contract Romantis supplied 12 telemedicine complexes to the Regional Centers for Disaster Medicine, including UHP VSAT equipment, multi-point videoconferencing systems, mobile communication and telemedicine systems, as well as completed work on delivery, installation, commissioning of equipment and training of personnel. This project was implemented in close cooperation with the Russian VSAT network operator ZAO Race Telecom (AltegroSky group).

The project is the next step in the plan to develop a satellite telecommunication network for All-Russian Center for Disaster Medicine «Zashchita», which now has global reach of the Russian Federation providing support to medical specialists working in the field and coordination of first aid during disasters and accidents. The network operates via the satellite capacity provided by Romantis and supports voice and data transmission, including protected medical information, as well as videoconferencing.