UN Invitation to the Business World to Discuss Disaster Risk Management

On 02 April 2014 the United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction UNISDR invited the International Business Community to a month-long round of online consultations. Businesses from around the world are invited to engage in debate on how to reduce existing risk exposure, focusing on the exchange of information and business solutions to create synergy between the public and private sectors with the goal of reducing disaster risks for cities, supply chains and businesses.

During the month of April UNISDR will be gathering the private sectors views on financial reform, regulation, building codes and incentives to motivate businesses to choose locations sensibly and avoid creating future risks in order to plan for continuity of the business.

The UNISDR Disaster Risk Reduction Private Sector Partnership is a global partnership which can mobilize to reduce disaster risks.  61 members ranging from large multinational companies to innovating small ventures currently make up the partnership worldwide. 

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