UNOOSA and SGAC launch Space for Youth Competition

To support the first priority of the 'Youth 2030' strategy, namely "Engagement, Participation and Advocacy to Amplify youth voices for the promotion of a peaceful, just and sustainable world", the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs decided to launch the Space for Youth Competition together with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).

What are the objectives of this competition?

  • To engage youth in the global discussion by gathering examples of space supporting Sustainable Development Goals

  • To amplify the voices of youth in space to the members of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

  • To bring the perspectives of youth on how space is supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Do you have an idea on how to use space to achieve the sustainable development goals? Participate and share your vision!

  • This competition is open to all students and young professionals from any Member States of the United Nations

  • All participants shall be aged between 18 to 35 inclusive (up to the day of your 36th birthday) as of 1 February 2018

  • The competition is open to individuals - team submissions are not allowed.

  • The competition is open till  22 March 2019

The competition is organized in two rounds: First, you will have to select one of the 17 SDGs on which you would like to focus your submission (for first and second round). For the first round, you will have to submit a three-minute video explaining how space can contribute to the SDGs in general and the SDG of your choice specifically. Your video will be evaluated by a selection committee, who will select the participants to the second round. For the second round, the selected participants will have to submit a paper expanding on the first’s round questions.

Please read and follow all the steps including submitting your video: CALL FOR PAPER AND RULES.

You can register to the Space for Youth Competition and upload your video: HERE.

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