The ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) spacecraft OceanSat-2 is envisaged to provide service continuity for the operational users of OCM (Ocean Color Monitor) data as well as to enhance the application potential in other areas.
OceanSat-2 will play an important role in forecasting the onset of the monsoon and its subsequent advancement over the Indian subcontinent and over South-East Asia. - The OceanSat-2 mission was approved by the Government of India on July 16, 2005.

Coverage of applications:
- Sea-state forecast: waves, circulation and ocean MLD (Mixed Layer Depth)
- Monsoon and cyclone forecast - medium and extended range
- Observation of Antarctic sea ice
- Fisheries and primary production estimation
- Detection and monitoring of phytoplankton blooms
- Study of sediment dynamics

OCM (Ocean Color Monitor)
OSCAT (OceanSat Scatterometer)
ROSA (Radio Occultation Sounder of the Atmosphere)


Launch Date: 


Life span: 


Orbit type: 

Sun synchronous

Orbital period: 





Study surface winds and ocean surface strata, observation of chlorophyll concentrations, monitoring of phytoplankton blooms, study of atmospheric aerosols and suspended sediments in the water

Public Private Partnership: 

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