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An effective use of space-based information in all phases of the disaster management cycle requires access to data and tools as well as knowledge of methods. If data and data products are accessible and capacity to use or create resources is built, countries, as well as national or international organizations, can create space-based products tailored to their individual needs and conditions.

In this section, we offer entry points and resources to space-based information for disaster risk management and emergency response.


Data Sources
This database offers links to a large variety of satellite imagery, elevation models, land use and land cover maps as well as near real-time data products for different hazard types. You can search the database by data type, hazard or disaster management cycle phase, as well as other relevant factors including costs, temporal or spatial coverage, sensor or file types. The results of each search are connected to UN-SPIDER's database of GIS and Remote Sensing software suggesting links to adequate software for each data type.


GIS and Remote Sensing Software
This database hosts links and descriptions of GIS and Remote Sensing software including both free and commercial software. You can search this database by different criteria, including software type, data format, scope or file types. In order to use or download the software, you will find links to the specific provider.


Training Opportunities
This database allows you to browse relevant training opportunities in the area of space-based information for disaster and disaster risk management offered by external providers. The entries include short-term courses, workshops, academic courses and web-based courses. The database includes types of training events, schedule and duration, language and place where the events are conducted, topics, requirements, proposed target audience, and complementary information.


Browse our database of relevant institutions.


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